Vicki & Neal P.

Stephanie’s energy and enthusiasm for her work are unwavering. She has helped us through several negotiations for retail space, always keeping our goals and best interests at the forefront. Not only is Stephanie extremely skilled in all phases of the commercial real estate industry, but she also has a network of contacts to help with everything from general contracting to bank financing, to legal matters. Her professionalism and real concern for her clients are qualities often hard to find.

Savanna H.

Stephanie went above and beyond. When I called her and asked if she would help me list my house in 10 days, she did it without hesitation. She laid out the entire process in detail, kept me up to date on everything that needed to be completed, her communication was clear and extremely quick, and we got the house sold all in a complicated market. I would absolutely call her for our next real estate transaction!

Jay M.

I’m lucky to have worked with Stephanie, a self-motivated contributor that readily takes ownership of every task she is given. She is a quick learner who does a good job leveraging her diverse skill set to help guide a team to success. I would gladly work with her again in the future.

Justin G.

You can always expect Stephanie to be among the most committed, polished, and professional members of any team. She works hard to excel at any task put in front of her and clearly takes ownership and pride in her work.

Work With Stephanie

As a commercial real estate agent and marketing/communications professional, Stephanie's multi-faceted experience includes managing schedules and budgets, building relationships, planning and executing brand strategy for local businesses as it relates to the real estate industry.

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